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  1. thanks everyone I'm legal for many things now ;D but no more 16 year olds. hahah
  2. thanks dude! I bought my first loto ticket today, didn't win anything xP oh well. means a lot. this is the first birthday a LOAD of people actually recognized it, it's awesome :]

  3. thanks bro! means a lot :]

  4. With reviews like that, he could've just struck lucky :/ You know the saying, you get what you pay for.
  5. I would think you need to upgrade your RAM and graphics, right off of the top of my head.
  6. I was thinking about selling my 360, definitely gonna keep it now. I can't wait
  7. We don't support cracks of any sort. Sorry.
  8. Has no impact? Do you realize it's the older bands/groups/whatever you'd like to call them that inspire the newer ones we hear now?
  9. This is partly why I don't come around much anymore. I use myspace to keep up with people and I usually meet people through there, locally. Go to shows and stuff. Also, it's how I get stalkers. So it's win-lose :/ Some of the pics are lulzy though
  10. is off to college, chyea :P

  11. I don't watch much TV, what's it about?
  12. I'm not going to allow you to post your site up here if ALL you came to do was advert, it was pretty obvious. So gtfo. :]
  13. Are you ducking down so you can go faster?
  14. I'm glad this guy is gone, yay.

  15. Sorry, didn't realize p!zz@|_()\/32$ graduated from high school early
  16. That's not happening to me.. what browser are you using? and a screenshot of what you're talking about.
  17. Kinda obvious, school in NC doesn't start for another month HARHARHAR.
  18. No, it's not. You get four weapons at the Johnson's house from completing gang tags, at the Doherty Garage from photographs and Las Venturas from horseshoes. I don't remember which ones.. I'm sure if you search you'll find the answer though.
  19. I was thinking about starting off a new savegame to finish 100%, partially because I don't feel that great today and its just sitting in my 360. If you have, how many hours do you have put into the game? I'm gonna use maps for pidgeons and stupid shit, but other than that, I just want to finally finish one game 100%
  20. I did not know this until last night!
  21. Remind me to never to to a Dominos/Pizza Hut/Ceasars/CiCi's etc in Raleigh xD
  22. Breasts.. the pecs are pretty massive actually. Muscular emo/scene/nigrar/whitekid/pimp ftw xD I would say they stick out atleast an inch.
  23. lol no. It's a false positive, it's more or less a keylogger. When you hit ctrl 3 to spawn a vehicle or something, it reads that and puts the vehicle there. Anything hosted on TheGTAPlace Downloads page is safe.
  24. You just bumped a 2 year old topic...
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