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  1. Where are you? geez.

  2. BOOBS. Now that I've ran you off...

  3. Come cheer me up and make me not beat the living hell out of a dog.

  4. Duh, I've been taking over for awhile now. xD

  5. YAYWHERE? hahah. Whatsup?

  6. oh, and do you remember that mexican I said kind of reminded me of you? Which, she doesn't really now. But like, I was bored so I tried talking to her. And well, um. She doesn't speak english. Or just doesn't cuz I'm white. hahah

  7. Okay, okay. Maybe you aren't so lame... but you are quite sweet though ^_^ for a dirty jew girl..

  8. You better be goin' to school and learnin that edumucation! :P

  9. Chris r woomin luvar

  10. Noooo, come back ):

  11. Well, since I don't really get to talk to you much (I can understand why you aren't on :P) What do you think of them?

  12. so gay, you got off 8 mins ago and I just got home.

  13. and I'd really like to talk to you about that thing, too. the one I thought you were angry and you weren't. I get out at 12 so.. if you read this.. reply? :D I-youknow-you. hope you enjoyed your sleep. i know I would've. hahah.

  14. Did you not like the pic? ): lol. i'm sorry about being awkward last night, i don't know why I felt so weird for.

  15. I'm sad. You got on and left? :/

  16. Ioppositeofhateyoutoo.

    .... but oh really it's true.

  17. AIM now friggen white kid.... :P

  18. Yep, I was missed greatly right? :P

  19. Funny how you say jerk o.o Geez. It's not like I can help when you're like that, and I can't help that I have to leave you. hahah<3

  20. Mel from THUG? O.O

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