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Status Updates posted by Sherman

  1. did you not go to school again!? I'm here till 8.. so (:

  2. I'm expecting you got that PM, correct?

  3. I havn't left you a comment in awhile. I can has monies 4 u now? :D

  4. Not what I heard o.o


  6. Not a whole lot, chillin. Waitin for someone, you?

  7. Glad it helped :P

  8. Long time man O.O

  9. I hear you like.. THE INTERNETS!

  10. nah I'm straight, unlike joo! :P

  11. Camaro/Trans Am I'm guessing?

  12. Doesn't make people's head explode, though.

  13. Scream like a girl.

  14. Can't play games and watch tv and post on tgtap at the same time, spammar!!!1 :P Sup?

  15. A slurpee. Slurpin you up. :D

  16. Arizona tea! I saw this mexican girl today.. she kind of reminded me of you, not as pretty, and not as awesome. (:

  17. Sure did :P Just wanted to get it before my posting starts going down a little..

  18. So I heard you like the internet. IS THIS TRUE!?

  19. well, your ambition will never be true, i'm living the reality of having it, and man is it great.

  20. Happy b-day.. though I'm not so sure who you are o.o

  21. @TheBossman: I HOPE U LYK SUSPEND! And that sounds good. Heh. No mayonnaise, please though, haha.

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