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Status Updates posted by Sherman

  1. So yeah you're never on anymore. BUTTSECKSSS

  2. Where's the look? On you. Who's got the look? YOUUUU! hahah.

  3. So yeah, I heard you were at Wendy's tonight. IS THIS TRUE!? :P

  4. I heard u lyk watermelon.

  5. It went sideways and went on my leg >.<

  6. You listen to Rammstein? O.O Kickass.

  7. Glad you noticed (: Where are you at!?

  8. You gotta ask for it ya noob :P

  9. Reagen Republic, hell yes.

  10. No, er, I like both of them fine o.o What're you talking about? And I see, lol'd at twice as young and less fat.

  11. /runs away scared of the pic :P But oh, I see. Pretty cool what you did to it.

  12. On at 730am? dork! :D

  13. I like the sig.

  14. Is that your GF in the photoshopped pic? :o

  15. Yeah, it does a lot better when you do it more. lol.

  16. Bitches love me cuz they know I can ROCK.

  17. Sarcasm, I thought the "NO U" would've gave it away :P

  18. Yeah, well I'm blunt about things.

  19. Argh, my leg itches ):

  20. No, but I'll check it out right now. I'm off to bed. Peace.

  21. I have no idea. Wasn't it the food fight? And yeaah. 5 star.

  22. *awkward silence*

    Oh :| Anyway. You still grounded?

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