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  1. Who be you.

  2. Nigurz n ur water plant steeln ur tapz

  3. rofl, Chess? I don't even know how to play that! Jess = a girl haha.

  4. Skeetskeetskeet


  5. I see what you added in thar (:

  6. Im in ur forumz

    aboosin ur warns.


  7. Yo! Wheres da hoes!


  9. 23 year old? Cooties! :P

  10. Goodluck man.

  11. I believe I will pass the award onto you, jess. I feel you're much more deserving of it than myself.

  12. Meh, I didn't get drunk like planned. But hey, I sweated (is that a word?) haha :P

  13. So how's the weather in AZ?

  14. No, but it would be a nice alias to go by.

  15. I suppose you never got around to asking him?

  16. Eh, modding, wishin' I was in tennessee or something, haha.

  17. Happy birthday Uniger!

  18. Where is that place? Honestly, that's one place I've never seen, but heard of.

  19. Oh, thought it said "X2" in there.. woops.

  20. i'm not on much at all. i can't get windows messenger to work, and i can't be arsed to mess with it

  21. I lol'd at that, haha. It went well, though actually. Very well.

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