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  1. Happy B'day

  2. Ill like the idea of ATM'S and if you got good speakers you should feel the bass out of them. Im going to connect my PS3 to my stereo for better quality.
  3. ^You shouldnt of said that, your going to cop a mouthful.
  4. Avi: 7.5/10 Sig: 8.5/10 Like the Psp thingy Person: Dont Really Know
  5. Wow theres alot of people who want to bash her. Anyway I reckon If she was stupid enough to do that she should go to jail. Maybe it will knock abit of sense into her but probs not.
  6. Avi:6/10 Cant really see the pic. Sig:8/10 Very colourful.
  7. Groove Armada-Get Down. You should look at the film clip its quite funny
  8. I love the lyrics to that song. Im listening to Groove Armada-But I Feel Good
  9. ^^Haha One Penis in Paris. Because Penis said So (Because I said so) 28 Penis' Later (28 Weeks Later) Mr Bean's Penis (Mr Bean's Holiday) Penis Rule (Georgia Rule) Perfect Penis (Perfect Stranger)
  10. It was done on purpose. I doubt that they put a helicopter on the left hand corner by coincidence.
  11. I wish I was tall. I might post one later. But I dont like cameras very much.
  12. I am disturbed. That just doesnt look right.
  13. I saw it last night. It wasnt as good as i thought it would be but it was still enjoyable. Id give it a 7.5/10
  14. That dogs cute. Ill post a pic later of my sisters dog that we take care of on weekdays he is a miniature dashound
  15. Shame I was looking forward to The Hills Have Eyes 2.
  16. Looks good ill use when i get my PS3. So not any time soon.
  17. Welcome blue73 have a good time here
  18. Welcome Uni and Parky have a great time.
  19. I feel for you man. I remember trying to sell the original version ofo San Andreas and Ebay wouldn't let me as it was Illegal.
  20. Haha true Howard will lose the next election for sure. Werent they considering banning that Shak Al Halali aswell for all those comments. I wish they did ban him.
  21. Snoop Dogg has been banned from Aus after he failed to pass the requisite character test. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said "He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country". After he was charged with gun and drug charges and has supposedly been involed in murder robberies and drug dealing in his LA gang. He was going to on the MTV Australia Video Music Awards tonight at seven. Well that aint happpening now. Link for Article: http://www.news.com.au/sundayheraldsun/sto...98-2902,00.html 200th post
  22. The first site lead me to a page offering internet sites and the other had nothing.Also i am sure theres NOT supposed to be advertising.
  23. Thats must have been terryifying ghost tickling your armpits. Anyway i do believe as i have had two experiences it was probs around 4 years ago so I was ten and i was trying to get to sleep in the room there were two beds. Then i looked over to the other bed and saw what looked like a little boy around 10 or 11 in those olden day clothes. The rest of the night i was under my blanket pissed scared even to move. My sister said she saw the same then in another room. On a lighter note one time i was bored and got my mobile and shook it when the camera was on and took a pic it looked like and old man. But that could be a cowincidence. At these happended in the same house i am living in today. Our house is around 95 years old.
  24. Thanks for that great find. Funny they were gonna but kids in it and a mission putting o bomb on a school bus now they would of got in shit for that.
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