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  1. Welcome HCK George andTFY765. Have a great time here
  2. I dont see that mant Horror movies but off my head ive seen The Hill have eyes, Hostel and The Ring but it stuffed up half way so i couldn't watch it all.
  3. ^ Yeah same here GTAPlayer I like the cars the way they are i wouldnt want real cars in th game. Most of the car companys wouldn't give them a lisence ethier.
  4. I'm going overseas for the first time to New Zealand only 3 days left fot that and the trailer
  5. IM glad to know some people can admit that they wrong and what they did was. Good on you OGTAM
  6. It probably will crash. And just a random comment but your avator of that cats awesome.
  7. 3 days and 12 hours..........Its so close i can almost taste it.(2003 if your a real Spongebob Fan you should know where that came from).
  8. Well today was Monday So I didn't wake up to happy after having many fantasies that night ahhhh Its weird how you fell even more tired when its a school day then on holidays. Any way i was on my way to catch the train to go to school.Yay be fifteen minutes late while im in the sweltering heat, but i guess im used to it being late BURN in hell QR. Ok so the trains here finally and some retarted primary school kid has vomited all over the entrance of the train so i have to walk around it and let me tell you it smelt. Well that was the most hectect part. The rest of my day was quite boring except when I had my Asian religion teacher that class is fun.Maybe cause I like Asian's for some weird reason. And then I got home and do what i do and came here. I've wrote alot haven't I, I could go on but the rest will bore you to death I tell you to death
  9. Blood city? i think that's o good name for philadelphia, knowing that this city has the highest murder rates last year so it would be relevant to make philadelphia as the location of GTA4, "Philadelphia experienced its highest murder rate in over a decade in 2006, with 406 murders in the city. Philadelphia, a city of 1.5 million, has more total murders than any other city in the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City which have larger populations" Wow those are high murder rates our capital city Brisbane has 1.8 million ppl and wouldnt have that high mrder rate. Also one of those pics of Mexico frm the Business District looked great
  10. Maybe because of rate of people buying the PS3, looking at who and how much people bought the "**** box", and what the "**** box" features like online playability. Dude, it took me 2 months to get my hands on the PS3 because it was sold out every where. Just because people over in Australia are poor and can't afford a PS3 doesn't mean it's not selling well. Hey were not poor just beacuse it not as popular console as the wii and xbox 360. Anywayz our local store just sold out.
  11. I see the Diablo stallion around the Red Light District. I love those two cars especially the Foreeli Excess
  12. What city/ town / suburb do you live in and i think you might be talking about trade in your ps2 or xbox and 20 games and get $300 off your PS3
  13. In the local paper it said that 30 people were lined outside EB Games in the morning to get a PS3 the had 50 there so they were alright i wonder how long it will take the to sell out. Also once the price of the PS3 go down quite a bit i think it will be alot more popular then the other two if they dont follow suit.
  14. What do you mean being tardy. Today i washed our car went into a ghost town of a shopping centre and went for a half hour ride oh and went grocery shopping which i hate.
  15. Ipswich,Queensland,Australia 5:20 pm
  16. I loved V-rock but vcs didn't seem to have as good a V-rock personally.
  17. It was only nine days so it doesn't matter really, anyway i use it for prob 2 hours on weeknights and 4 on holidays.
  18. That was very weird. A video with bugs humping.
  19. I'd just get it when its on DVD
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