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  1. Ill have one chainsaw please.
  2. They're trying to create more hype. And its working.
  3. The rating for most GTA'S here is MA15+. Only 6 days and 11 hours YAY.
  4. The games at my EB Games are only 120 and some only 100.Ive also seen a blu-ray player for $1,500 so it would be worth the money when you get a lot more. Ive even heard that in the USA Sony is actually losing money for each console bought and is depending on game sales for profit.
  5. Nothing much i did my Maths Exam and got a B+ in Chemistry.
  6. Ipswich,Queensland,Australia 9:27pm
  7. Its nice to know some of them are being taken care of it great work that he did.
  8. Well i reckon they would have a better life living in a home full of food and the essentials for life. And millions of dollars wouldnt be able to support all the people below the poverty line. But i guess they could sponsor villages.But that one child still wouldnt get the same share as if they living with the celebs.But the adopted child would get more then they need. So i guess sponsoring villages would be a better idea .So the ppl could have water a decent shelter and an education so the kids could mayb get somewhere in life.
  9. She totally destroyed her reputation and she looks kinda funny in that wig
  10. The parents would be glad to know that their child is going to have a better future
  11. If GTA IV was only realeased on 360 and pc i wouldnt get a ps3 anymore so lets hope they dont.
  12. ive heard that song around school alot.
  13. You can have sex but you see nothing just the bed bouncing and i haven't seen no pubes. I feel like killing that nob.
  14. What the hell is wrong with the sims.
  15. Walking away vs The egg- Love dont let me go
  16. I like that song anyways im listening to The Knife- We Share Our Mothers Health
  17. You just affended two of my friends. SOME of the countries are poor but that doesnt make them uncivilised I'm probably going to go with the school next year to China . Ill need to get a job to afford it.
  18. Yeah that would be pretty cool. It would be fun when the roads were icy. Id be going fast and trying to control the car.
  19. Well one day i was searching for gta on google and found this site. I used to just come here for info for months and on day i was bored and thought what the hell im gonna join.
  20. You Are Scary You even scare scary people sometimes!
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