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  1. my hero thank you sweetie
  2. I have a problem with my website. I don't know why it doesnt work on internet explorer. KokaneStyle works on firefox or opera but it doesnt run on ie (neither for me) but the direct link to the .swf works kokane.swf oh and another question..how can I make the flash movie remain in the center for everyone, even if the resolution changes? because I just placed it in the center for the resolution I use but it looks different for other people. and...if there's anyone here good with flash and would like to help me when I have some problems I would appreciate it very much thank you
  3. erm, I start thinkin some of you people have a problem with me and not with my pics? eh..that aint gonna stop me from postin
  4. gycu, watch your words he's my friend
  5. hehe, aemboy, whadup hommie?
  6. nice pics, havent talked in a long time, aemboy
  7. well...I know and I agree that there are females that use their compromising pictures to get attention and to get feedback about how great and sexy they are...but Kokane is not like that I never joined this forum to do that, I still post pictures because I know Chris likes them, and he’s not the only one. People from this forum asked me to post more so that means there are still guys that enjoy them. And anyway they are not porn. If someone else would have posted a picture in a bathing suit at the beach it would have been ok, but if I post my pictures covering more than a bathing suit would, its not ok, and anyway you cant compare my photos with porn, even victoriassecret.com has more revealing pictures, but it's ok for them, they're just models dressed in lingerie, they dont look cheap, that's their job. Anyway I’m just saying that if there are still member that want me to post pictures I’ll keep posting, if not I wont cuz I don’t do it for myself anyway, I don’t wanna hear anything like “wooa you’re sexy” or stuff like that, and people that know me also know that I’ld never use my body to get anything, I have enough brain. and yes, there are kids on this..mature rated game forum and Chris, how many female members are from the total of 9,496 registered members?
  8. Happy Birthday! I see you're 15 now
  9. I'm in the 2nd year at university studying cinematography so I wanna be a director of photography (DP)
  10. Joined: 5-January 05 that is 2 years, 6 months, 3 days wow
  11. kokane


    I once used a condom with phosphorescent stripes and it looked like a snake we loved it, I think he loved it more cuz he had a better view
  12. kokane


    well you can't generalize, I can speak for myself and I say I enjoy giving blowjob only if I care about the other person and I'm extremly happy to see him happy, but imagine that the deep throat gives puking sensation so you can't say thats a nice feeling. I also don't like anal sex but I do it to please him but maybe some girls like it... well... I'm very crazy about him and I do whatever he wants
  13. kokane


    well it also can be short
  14. kokane


    I'd been with a guy younger than me, and he was virgin and pretty nervous that first time...but after he took some time it was ok, so it will work out for anybody, I'm sure PS. and I have some more sexy pics, they're topless. I'll post them later
  15. thanx, they are actually very big I donno why the other ones are so small all of them should have been that large
  16. loads new pics. what do ya think?
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