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  1. Give it the pimphand. That's how i make my computer put out.
  2. I use it to shoot down low-flying aircraft.
  3. Anyone that says "probarly" is not getting my money...begone with you ho!
  4. I feel like commiting some acts of genocide...
  5. I laughed at that. I know who I want to gently caress right now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Fish pocket?
  6. HE picked up a police car with the hunter and put it on top of a building, and when he set it down, the cop stepped out and kept shooting....you sloth.
  7. Then I'm guessing your girlfriend isn't bein very helpful with your sex life.... poor guy.
  8. I like your boobs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. OMG Spaz those pics are old! They bring back memories I think. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cant you fuckin' people fuckin' read plain and fuckin' simple english? I said that fuckin' aint me. Its a fuckin' girl that Im fuckin' in fuckin' love with, and shes fuckin' madly in fuckin' love with me. I fuckin' dont fuckin' have a fuckin' picture of me so dont fuckin' even fuckin' ask me for it. Ill fuckin' post the fucker when I fuckin' feel damn fuckin' good and fuckin' ready to. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You need to masturbate or something....
  9. Me likes the guy that got ownd.
  10. I have been looking for the charting of these ratios for ages!
  11. ^is not liked by sky < IS the noobinator V makes sweet love to sheep on a daily basis
  12. Genocide protégé, bitch. Avatar - 10/10 the blank simplicity is simply unmatchable Signature - 1/10 that stupid conversation hurts my brain, and the CS guy taking a shit is poorly photoshopped. RAWR. Personality - liek teh uber shiznit. I think of him as a son...and spank him every night.
  13. Genocide

    IPB 2.1

    I got banned from the new board... :' (
  14. The Darksider Forum. Anyone a Star Wars fan? A friend of mine set this site up, and I was wondering if any TGTAP members would join.
  15. YOur not serious, are you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you're not serious are you....
  16. Okay. I have plan to kill jack tompson(not worth capitalizing or correctly spelling his name). We will all practice on Doom until we can wield shotguns effectively. We will all play San Andreas after that so that we can more effectively degrade women and break into homes. We will also have to play some other extremely realistic FPS so that we can function properly in a organised squad. About 7 of us will break into jack's house at night, using the skills we learned from San Andreas playing as a big bad black man. We will rape his wife and slit her throat while she is asleep(doubt he has a wife so we'll just use his pet), which is another skill we learned from Sa Andreas. We will then tear off our clothes and give jack a stroke with our nudity, and shoot him in the head with the shotguns we have so effectively learned to use. Sound good?
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