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  1. Mpilk901

    PS3 GTA 4 Modding

    Looking forward to the next GTA? Yeah me too. That's why I buy games made by quality developers such as Rockstar so they can keep making great games. You won't get any help whatsoever here about trying to mod your game.
  2. Mpilk901

    Some Info About GTA V !

    Ok then so explain this to me, why would Rockstar happily send details regarding their new GTA game to a small gaming community which primarily is focused on Counter-Strike rather than announce it publicly to the large GTA based websites? Also if what you are saying was true, then that would surely be considered VERY big news in gaming terms, yet you don't even have this in your website news section. Oh I get it! You have a friend who works at Rockstar don't you?
  3. Started school today, last year though!

  4. Mpilk901


    Happy Birthday Chris!
  5. Mpilk901

    Some Info About GTA V !

    And your source is?
  6. Mpilk901

    Duke Nukem Forever

    Not interested in the game but good news for some people. Thought that they had trashed this game..
  7. Mpilk901

    Porn virus holds gamers to ransom

    Here's an idea Inferno, let's discourage members from pointing out other members faults and allow them to wreak havoc throughout the forum? Moderators don't see everything, a little help from the members now and then can be appreciated. Although in this case, simply reporting the incident would be adequate.
  8. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Yeah so I decided to turn it into a barbeque
  9. It's a black guy dancing with chicken, of course it's racist. I wouldn't say it's OMGWTF racist though, just lulz.
  10. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Can't really until after the summer, going to be outside of the UK the whole time.
  11. Mpilk901

    MK47's Drawings and Artwork.

    That's good, nice one. Do you do any other styles?
  12. Mpilk901

    Want your name in the GT5 credits?

    All you have to do is think of a good name for the song which is linked to below. Link to song Quite nice of Polyphony Digital to make a competition like this. I already sent in my submission but considering I took about 5 seconds to think of a name though I doubt they'd even consider it The deadline for entries is the 25th July.
  13. Just had a good sesh on Bad Company 2

  14. Mpilk901


    Hope you had a good birthday Huck. And happy birthday to mvi, wherever he is.
  15. Oh I take that back, it works again. I actually really want some KFC right now.
  16. Mpilk901

    Custom 1957 Chevy is the ultimate 1589 horsepower sleeper

    Closed for bump. Please check the last post date before you post in a topic.
  17. Mpilk901

    TommyKaira tuned Prius

    Please check the last post date before you post in a topic, as this topic is a few months old. Closed
  18. Mpilk901

    What is your favorite classic muscle car?

    Mine is the Corvette but at first I thought this topic was just about your favourite muscle car and not just classic, I chose the Camaro because I'm in love with the new models droooool.....
  19. It doesn't work anymore, now it takes you to a news website which is talking about it. Sucks!
  20. Mpilk901

    World Cup 2010

    Good guess! Well done Spain, you guys deserve it. How rough was that karate kick to the chest
  21. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    I found it Pretty ironic though, it appears Sony sent me a dodgy PS3. It freezes very often and has a problem with reading discs. Not impressed at all.
  22. Mpilk901

    PS3 won't read discs anymore

    Backup all your saves and anything else you don't want to lose on a USB and put your PS3 into recovery mode ( ). Then choose the option to reset everything, the video will tell you which option that is, I can't remember which one it is. Most people say that doing this will fix most problems but there's no guarantee that it will, definitely worth a shot though.If that doesn't work then you'll have to call up Sony and ask about getting it fixed or replaced. Is the warranty still valid on it? Otherwise your looking at about 130 quid to fix/replace it. Best of luck, it's never fun when your console starts acting up.
  23. Mpilk901

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Just to let everyone know, I have got a new PS3 at long last. If you haven't already then send me a friend request, my PSN ID is Mpilk901. Unfortunately, the CD case which held all of my games (over 20 for the PS3) has gone missing so I do not have any of my old games but I plan to buy EFLC in the next few days. Looking forward to playing with you all again!
  24. Mpilk901

    Moving out / going to be very inactive

    Sounds sweet! What you working as?
  25. Mpilk901

    E3 Disappointment

    Sony had a pretty solid performance with a release date for GT5 and the announcement of Twisted Metal. Still, when will we hear from R*? Can't wait. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b28ockMYatk&feature=player_embedded Now how can you say that that isn't awesome