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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Belated Happy New Year / Christmas to all :3

  2. I can haz mudkipz trolololol - mmk

  3. Month late but Happy Birthday! Also Merry Christmas, oh yeah, and Happy New Year! :P I really ought to come on here more often... How you been lately?

  4. Uh... a bit late but my third Happy New Year in a row to the TGTAP!

  5. Blimey... it's pretty dead here :(

    1. Gerard


      Yep, Chris refuses to do anything :/

  6. Blimey... it's pretty dead here :(

  7. I guess I have returned again for the 17th time this year D: :P

    1. Gerard


      Make your mind up!!

  8. Thanks! And I have an Xbox 360 but still no LIVE unfortunately. I'm not going to bother since I'll find it damn near impossible getting internet in my room without spending an extra £50 for a wireless connector thing. :(

  9. RDR is great :D

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I wish I could get a Xbox

      or PS3... =(

    2. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      There's gonna be a patch soon stopping people from repeatedly killing a person in free roam and they can't escape without quitting, amongst other fixes. Will make the game even better.

  10. Good birthday lie-in... :3

  11. Not really apart from becoming Prefect in school but that's not really insane :P you?

  12. Windy, raining and a high of 18 :( I was 25 degrees a few days ago D:

  13. Meh, I'm fine as well I suppose... Not been a good few days weatherwise but hopefully it should brighten up for this weekend :3

  14. Hehe. I know, it's been something like 8 months (maybe a slight exaggeration) but certainly not talked since Christmas. How are you?

  15. zomg... 'tis steam :D Long time, no talk - my fault for forgetting about this site :3

  16. oh hai thar... kerplunk...

  17. Sorry for such a delay in replying :<. Ermm, things are fine, got plenty of spare time now that it's the summer holidays.

    You're coming up to your 5th TGTAP joining anniversary :3 Wooo!

  18. Ooh This is new... Can comment on (spam :P) statuses. Yus :3

    1. EvoLuTioN


      You Dawg! I heard you like comments, So i commented on your comment so you can read my comment while you read your comment.

    2. Thomas.


      lolwut. COMMENTS ARE GREAT :D (Playing along here :3)

  19. got a sunburn on my face after Alton Towers - it's gonna hurt >.<

  20. Hey Scott :)

    How are things?

  21. Came too late by the looks of things. Shame I couldn't speak in the FFM Private Forum for one last time. The reason I wasn't here for all of April was because I was stuck in Florida for the whole month. The reason why I haven't been on since February onwards is because my dog died and I lost interest in TGTAP :/

  22. Happy New Year to you I guess! I've still got 6 and a half hours to wait.

  23. Earthquake? Was that some sort of joke? :P

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