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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Sure, after a cupper and something to eat.

  2. Yeah. XLR8 keeps noticing his double accounts. He has another one aparently. :/

  3. You do know that "Cobra" is a double account of "GTA DOCTOR". Same location, joined a few hours after his other account was banned (Kanja) yesterday and his posts are similar. Both are obsessed with Man Utd.

  4. Nice to see you've improved ;) You're cool now IMO.

  5. v If he's banned he can't reply. Just leave him for now.

  6. Happy Birthday Bear!

  7. I want to see what YJ said. it sounds fun :P

  8. Ignore the below comment. I pmed you instead.

  9. Hey TM. Did the server just die?

  10. lol, he seriously needs to get a grip though.

  11. Oh My God is all I can say. Why the hell did he do that? He is a retard, I didn't think you broke any rules by that post. He probably said in the report "He was wrong, it is for 360 instead".

  12. Well, he has apart from the 10-topics-a-day thing. You really should see the Playstation 4 topic he made. :/ Another controversial topic.

  13. Finally a decent someone standing up to rayrob's foolishness and assholic ways. You deserve a cookie for it. :) Seriously, I do enjoy reading your posts that own Rayrob.

  14. I know, I do look occasionally.

  15. *cries in horror* hehe etc.

  16. Only just added you as friend. Don't know why I didn't do it much earlier... hmmm

  17. Happee Burthdai!

  18. 40 new members in the last 24 hours too.

  19. Hey, get on GTAPN Forums. We have increased by 63 members since December O.o Most of them are bots.

  20. Hey, nice day on MTA :) How are you? (btw, I don't usually vote people but I saw you were at 3 stars so I bumped you up to four :))

  21. Hey, was it you I just added on Facebook? Just making sure :P

  22. I wanted to make headers but I never got around to it.

  23. Thanks, are you going to use Graphics in yours?

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