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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. I can go on mta soon if you want?

  2. They have not really started yet because I haven't really had the chance. I will PM you the details about the server later because I have school in a few minutes. Wait, I'll forward the message that I sent to S-V.

  3. That'd be rather fun. I may be able to get on Friday, I hope so anyway. The server is up, but only the scripters and FFM know about it. [/secret]

  4. Probably thinking that I use photoshop because she kept that on there. Anyway, I'm on a computer that does have it installed so I'll do as soon as I'm back from school.

  5. Same, basically. It's boring all the time I guess. Cool, can you by chance come on tonight? Any server because I need some shots which I'll tell you about soon.

  6. luvin the sig mate. Shows you very well :P How are you?

  7. Yo (I've not said that in a long time, it's reserved for you I guess) :P How are you? and do you still have MTA installed? Was wondering because I need someone to like help with pictures for some graphics.

  8. I will do the icons tomorrow. I can't do them today because I just realised my sister uninstalled fireworks.

  9. Yeah, I was debating whether or not I was going to reply to the comment but it is better having more comments than none at all :P

  10. lol, yeah. How are you btw? I asked before but you never answered :P

  11. Not done yet though. I'm determined to get a long about me page :P Might add some more table code if I can be bothered

  12. Hey, how are you? I just updated my about me page, what do you think?

  13. I take it you came back because Noru said the gang system was being revamped or something? -- Well, I do have the Scottish equivalent of GCSEs coming up and I'll be choosing my senior subjects in a few weeks, so I've got even harder exams next year. But yeah, life's been good as of late etc.

  14. I didn't mind her first song, it was quite catchy. But the second one was crap because I had it as my alarm clock tune and it annoyed me waking up to that. I'd lol if she ended up in neighbours too.

  15. I don't see the point of people going to Hollywood to get famous. She is hot but I doubt she'd make it that far through Hollywood.

  16. I thought so, the girl in the avatar looked similar to the girl in the sig. Where'd she go? I haven't heard any of her songs in ages nor have I seen her on the TV.

  17. Hey, I just noticed your "back"... How's life been?

  18. Who's that girl in your avatar?

  19. I wasn't able to get to your message because I was having my dinner. I will be up until 00:00 on Friday maybe. But I may be able to get on in the night if I sneak downstairs. Were you talking about friday ro today btw? I couldn't tell.

  20. 10000 profile views too O.o

  21. Lovely amount. next stop 13337 or something. or 7777 :P

  22. We haven't any real snow lay for a long time. The last time I recall was three years ago. We're expected to get the weather you just had so we're expected to get snow later this week.

  23. How good is it? You've had more snow than me so far. It's torrential rain here.

  24. I have this all the time though. Living in Scotland has its downsides. Aparently the East coast of America is being hammered by snow. Can you confirm?

  25. Damn, I have the "Cold" and getting enourmous headaches now. Did you give me that thing you had via the Internet? haha

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