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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. I've locked plenty of topics. Old ones that aren't likely to be found again.

    Maybe if you try really hard you might get out of the restricted group but I doubt it. It would be nice to see though.

  2. Thanks for that man. Was posting something in another topic when that guy replied in that GTAVC Topic.

    You have a bad neg rep. :(. I gave you a positive rep for that post you made because you did something good.

  3. School sucks, that's why I am unable to come on most of the time.

  4. Hey Matt. Not spoken in a while, been a little busy with school and what not lately. How are you?

  5. It took me a complete month to realise you replied. Oops... How did that go, getting your wisdom teeth removed?

  6. Most of the reputation is abuse made by Steam. I'm only proud of about 3 out of 11.

  7. Yeah, I deleted you as friend soon after leaving the SFM. Forgot to re-add you when you came back :/

  8. Have fun in Amsterdam, I heard it's quite nice and I wouldn't mind going.

  9. I know who done them as well :/

  10. Yeah, that sig is the best :). That post was OK, it's just the other reps that weren't.

  11. Hey, haven't spoken to you on here or on MSN for a while. How are you?

  12. Hey, how are you?

  13. I'm fine as well, seems like this holiday has gone quite fast. :( I enjoyed my holidays too, shame it's over for me.

  14. Hey, I haven't spoken to you in a while. How are you? On a side note, nice graphics, keep it up :)

  15. Hey, I've had fun. Back to school yesterday :(.

  16. Welcome back Matt! Had fun?

  17. Scott IS the funniest member you know. Enjoy your day!

  18. I don't often come on MSN anymore. I've been on for around 2 years and it's beginning to become boring. :P I have Facebook though, it's better than MSN in my opinion.

  19. Nah there ain't no copyright here. Anyway. what happened to your forum, I keep seeing "IPS System Error" or something.

  20. Ah cool. I suppose you had exams - I had to sit the SQA exams a few weeks ago. If you still have exams then good luck (I know that Higher and Int 2 have exams this week). Anyway because of your inactivity you were kicked out of the gang but you can rejoin if you want.

  21. Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while. :(

  22. It was good, and relaxing. There's a lovely beach there on Mull.

  23. Hey :P How are you?

  24. To explain my absence... I was on holiday.

  25. Being a n00b, spamming, posting shit unnecessary stuff etc.

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