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  1. it was 5 thats why i said 5 or 6 lol
  2. its because your in the central buisness island
  3. we got 5 or 6 right now gotta get 2 more then
  4. sorry just tired because it was early in the morning when i created this topic
  5. Other Updates New Design with changeable items for requests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Discounts Discounts are :- Friends - -$50 Admin - -$50
  6. Xbox 360 because that will have downloads and i got an xbox 360 Thats why i want it on Xbox 360
  7. Id like to meet TG187, Quick Death and Woozie
  8. i think that they did that because its too much liked (Joke) They might of done it because its a very important mission and the SWAT tank will be in the game somewhere but nobody yet knows where.
  9. I like Forelli Excess very much too. Anyways I have noticed that Forelli Excesses didnt appear after you completed The Sicilian Gambit.(Atleast in my game) I think the same as you when i didnt notice that Forelli Excesses didnt appear after that mission
  10. excellent stunt video i really like it
  11. The more you spend the more your Lucky
  12. i might be getting on X-Box 360 when i get an X-box 360
  13. i dont know why Dildo Dodo is soooooooooo Hard
  14. I only played on GTA: VCS for a week it was that bad and I got on fine, VCS is just a same game to wait for gTA4, I don't get what you are trying to say...I did go out and buy it because like past GTA's they've always been good and I did play on it for a week till I completed it and got sick of it. And I do think of the good stuff it had even though it didn't have that many and wasnt much different from LCS. Same it got boring after a week because there was nothing to do but it was excellent game
  15. Admins is it okay if Sher-E-Indian can get a Sub-Forum in the Official Gangs Forum.
  16. Example :- Without the Sher-E-India and Don bit Description Colour Left - Colour Right - Background Image (Please Supply) - Writing - Sizes - Cost - $100 Cost - $150 Cost - $200
  17. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...rCP&CODE=24 <<<There and welcome GTA RYDER and GRAYFOX501
  18. To find out what month is the most popular with birthdays Mines - JULY
  19. yeah im almost 13 years old
  20. I dont know if this has been made before but my birthday is 11th July 1994
  21. that was probably the first ZERo mission in GTA SAN ANDREAS.
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