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What's The Best Controller To Play GTA: SA With?

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I'm asking to hear what your favorite CONTROLLER is, not which systems have the best graphics, loading times, frame rate, etc. I want to know which controller lets you play better with.

Personally, my favorite controller to play GTA: SA with is the PS2 controller. I've played with the Xbox controller and the flying controls feel awkward. I've also played GTA: SA with the PC, and it sort of hard to drive around.

I want to hear what your favorite controller to play GTA: SA is.

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PC. obviously because it has more buttons, wasd, and a mouse. second would be PS3, because it was originally built for playstation and its a little less complicated than Xbox 360, it also has R2 besides clear and black. third would be Xbox 360, because the controller is sortof bulky and stuff and the buttons are a little confusing. but still, these are the best three controllers ever so its top 3 out of all.

it would suck to have a game on Xbox(the old one) the controller sucked.

EDIT!!!!!!: wow i just realized we were talking about SA and not IV

here we go. PC, PS2, XBOX, because the xbox controller sucks majorly.

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well, ps2 controller for me, but if you prefer weapon controls, i would prefer pc, because pc could aim weapons flexibly(i don't know if that's even a word, but whatever) <_<

Ya, it's almost a word, think you mean flexibility, maybe it's spelt flexability. Ya, for PC I love the "PS2 controller" for it. Totally forgot about that.

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definetly the ps2. the pc buttons arent pressurized. so you cant drive without steering all the way or floorig it. and the aiming still isnt too good. it takes a while to aim perfectly at a specific target. ps2 is nice and steady. xbox is weird to use because its so bulky and just weird. its like wearing the left shoe on the right.

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