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GTA 4 Trailer has enemies but also friends...Part 2


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If you haven`t seen them just check out this 3 links

-1st video a GTA 4 hater (1minute lenght)

-2nd video GTA non-hater(25 seconds lenght)

-benefit of playing video games ( maybe it has something to do with GTA)---> 1 minute 22 secs lenght

1.Caution: the 1st video contains strong language about GTA 4 trailer and some of you might find it ennoying...

2.I just I hope I won`t get warned `cuz of this topic.

3.I couldn`t stop laughing when I saw the 1st video.

the 1st video


sorry for posting this topic twice but I had problesms, sorry sorry sorry

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@first video:LOL!That guy is dumbass!

Laughed my ass off at the first vid, what a dumbass. a news flash - 1st and 2nd videos were made by the same guy , look at the background.

On top of that he's wearing the same glasses and the headset. All he did was change his mask.....

Yeah,I think thats the same guy,too

Edited by Franco Forelli
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hahahahaha LMAO !! love the waz he says "f*ck ass''.....rightly said croscopian he is retarded!!

BTW gycu are u sure thts nt u???.....or it must be "JACKY T undercover super agent" fighting against GTA in all means possible!!! :lol:

I`m not that guy :) but maybe he is Jack Thompson or one of his kids/relatives :)

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