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Happy easter!


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Since when has easter turned into some chocolate feast :mellow:

Personally I think easter is suppossed to only be for Christians, since it is a christian feast.

But thanks anyway :)

I was suppossed to go to church, but accidentally slept over it. Insted I watched it on TV (the one at the vatican, me being a catholic).

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Yeah, Easter, the Sunday of the Resurrection, Pascha, or Resurrection Day, is the most important religious feast of the Christian liturgical year, observed at some point between late March and late April each year (early April to early May in Eastern Christianity). It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which his followers believe occurred on the third day (counting inclusively) after his death by crucifixion some time in the period AD 27 to 33 (see Good Friday). This year it will fall on April 8, 2007.

Easter also refers to the season of the church year, called Eastertide or the Easter Season, lasting for fifty days, from Easter Sunday through Pentecost; and, in the Roman Catholic Church, to the eight-day feast beginning on Easter Day called the Octave of Easter. And THATS easter. But some of yall may think its just about Rabbits and chocolate. GO TO CHURCH TODAY, i would go but my driver is sleeping.

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The day is over for me, 1am the day after Easter, so no church. I've never been much for religion myself, I'm more in-between. I believe, but not to the point where I feel I need to have it work my life. Same as everything else in life, I believe school is a good source for learning new things, but that doesn't mean if I am sick I will force myself to go, or if they have some extension work that counts towards nothing and is just for fun that I will do it.

Plus the way the world is these days, you have to ask yourself if God is really real. The God everyone talks about wouldn't let the world get like this, then again, are we meant to be making the world the way we want it? He's just there for support, not prevention?

So many question, so little answers.

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QuickEdit:Anyone went to the Church today?Me, no, only my mom...

Missed it .. :(

But I went Yesterday and on (good) friday.

They should actually call it good friday since it's sunday what's the actualy good day, not friday.

I also saw "the passion of the Christ" yesterday. Not a movie that will really make you happy (unless you're satanic) but it was a great movie anyway.

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