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microsofts website hacked!


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hey guyz cheak it out !!

The microsoft's website has been hacked a few hours before by so hacker known as cybert or Cyber terrorrist

for more info chk out the link

Chk it out quickly before it is fixed!!

Hacking is getting seriously outta hand!! post ur coment about it here !!

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Hacking is getting out of control, the fact he managed to hack Microsoft, the largest organization in the world, tells me were all at risk. The image showing what happened has been removed due to high-bandwidth usage, so thats a bugger, I would have liked to see what happened. I hope they track the bustard down to sue his arse.

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Hell yeah, if you got a world known corporation on internet, and accidentaly you left a pic of you in a computer, where you got a pie in your face, and a guy somewhere just hacked your corp, and then puted it on the front page, wouldnt you get pissed enough' to sue him to prison?

anyways, F'ckin, freakin good goddamn find!

its pretty funny!

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