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Show us your guns!

Should weapons pictures be allowed?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think it's acceptable to post pictures of your guns

    • Sure, people here can be trusted to act responsibly
    • No, this might be a bad influence.

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My Colt 1911:

Chromed slide and hand grip, carbon steel (i think) body, Non-Adjustable rear sight

Barrel Lenght: 3.5 inch, Semi-Auto.

Muzzle Velocity: 750 ft/s

12 Round specialy made magazine.

Lots of recoil :mellow:

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Nice Colt, Silberio, take care of it. Here's my .45s.

Figure they count as Colts as they are licensed copies of the 1911 design.

The top one is an Auto Ordinance (same makers of the Tommy gun). It's had some work done & is capable of routinely hitting bulls eyes at 100 meters. It's probably the most accurate hand gun I own.

The bottom one is a pre-WWII Essex. Might be an old gangster gun, I kept this one stashed in my car/truck when I delivered pizza. It's probably the most reliable hand gun I own.


I'll presume the missing post from last night was a glitch in the system. It was only the comment to Silberio "Nice piece, now I'll

have to show you mine.

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Nope, entirely military. It's not that British laws are too strict, its just that guns aren't a part of British life. I don't know any civilians that own a gun, although one neighbour owns an air rifle for shooting rabbits. Because of that there aren't any gun clubs I know of, and anyway I much prefer shooting blanks in training exercises (like I did with the paras yesterday) than range shooting with lives.

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No, nobody is from switzerland, it's a made-up country. .. .... :D


I used to have a .22 calibre air rifle, which was about 50 times weaker than a standard american pistol lol, but that was shockingly powerfull so i can only imagine how powerful a real pistol is!!!

Gerard, nice, but the SA-80 isn't really a gun unless it works ;)

Dude with the AK47, nice

Dude with the Druganov, NICE! And have you seen that beard???

Chris, well I'm also a Brit, and I'd bloody well buy a gun if they sold them here! But it would be chaos if they did obviously.

Silberio, do you only have to be 12 to own a gun over there?

Also, can you really buy AK47s in USA?!?! I thought they were banned! Can you buy rocket launchers? Can you import guns from any country to the USA?

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