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Show us your guns!


Should weapons pictures be allowed?  

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  1. 1. Do you think it's acceptable to post pictures of your guns

    • Sure, people here can be trusted to act responsibly
    • No, this might be a bad influence.

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Russian hardware is good, but they didn't make Ruger. I'd put my box stock KP89 against any Russian pistol.

Same for my Mini-14 VS AK or SKS.

There's an old saying, If you can't afford an AR-15, get an AK. Meaning the AR is better but the AK is about 1/3 the price

& almost as good. The SKS is just a great little rifle & Chinese models can still be had for around $200 (US) & compare to

30-30 rifles. I still see Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifles for around $70, they are slightly hotter than the 30-06 (Same round

as the SVD Dragonov & T-40 Tokerov) & have been known to throw stray rounds several miles.

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i'll show ya'll what keeps me sleepin' easy!

A 12" hunting knife? Or a serated blade that can kill a man before he can scream!

Damn, I freakin want a gun...

There is not much to owning a gun, even a paintball gun. Nor is there much interesting about them. Just go to a place that sells paintball guns and/or air rifles. If you have the money, you can get one. Used guns can cost pretty cheap sometimes.

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WHAT THE FUCK? Does everyone in America have a bloody gun?

For the most part, yes.

I am in canada! Hahaha
Ok, that is just ridicolous - no wonder why they have so many deaths by gunshots!

What the guy above me said.

Good for you Hahaha! Greetings from your neighbor to the south.

When you said that, were you counting things like illegal immigrants or the fact that most gun crime is committed w/ stolen


The people who legally own decent weapons like an AR-15 or Glock aren't the problem, It's the wannabe "gangsta" punks

& the career criminals who break into someone's house & steal them & then sell them to mare gangsta/criminals for 1/10

of their value. As for the statistics, look up Japanese crimes involving an edged weapon.

Most Americans own weapons for hunting & recreational shooting, part of our roots, if you will. As for the rest either for

security (Silberio's right, if we could just shoot a burgler or other criminal trespasser, we wouldn't have the problem ), or

as a collector.

Do I have to point out that every time some despot grabs power, their first order of business is to dis-arm the people?

When politicians start talking about gun control, I start wondering that they have planned that they're afraid of law abiding

citizens having a weapon.

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