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What are you going to do when GTA IV comes out first day?

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Cry into my pillow. I only have a PC.....

And then wait for a while till it comes out on PC....

Edit: IF it does. -------------please R*-----------------

hey dude im gonna cry for a while becuase i two only have a pc, cross your fingers take a deep breath release those pressure points and relax, im sure it will come to pc, at least it better!

Man, if i were you 2, I would be finding a way to make some money... And I'm talking about SOON... If you got a standard job making at least 100 bucks a week, you can easily save up for a 360 or PS3... Though I own a PS3 (and love it to death), I recommend a 360 for the dlc and the pricing... If you can't wait then go to your local RAC (Rent-A-Center) and rent - to - own one of the systems :)

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I am DEFINATELY buying the collectors edition, I am going to rip off the Plastic, take a slight sniff (I don't like the smell of new games, but I love the smell of GTAIV).

Then I am going to examine EVERYTHING, and probably look at the tracks of the soundtrack.

Then, I am going to pop in the game, and walk around that Taxi depot thingy or whatever for 10 minutes and drool over the lighting effects...

Then do some missions and then Turn it off in awe and tell all my friends.

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I'll get the Collectors Edition, flick through the artwork book, look at the soundtrack cd with little interest, gleefully tear open the plastic wrapping on the game, smell the game manual, then just play the game. Nowhere near as in depth as some of you guys LOL. When it's loaded, I'll just cruise around taking in the sights before starting any missions.

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i will:

wake up and say: oh my fucking god it's today

run to game stage to buy the collectors edition

remove the plastic

scream: god bless rockstar

look at all the content and say: a year waiting for this

play the game in my ps3

look for the special someone

and kill the special someone if that is how the storiline goes

cruise in the city of the game :mellow::huh:^_^:o;):P:D:lol:B):rolleyes:-_-<_<

tommy vercetti g.r.i.p (game resting in peace)

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Well this is my plan:

1. Cruise the internet watching everybody brag about their new GTA IV.

2. Close the door to my room.

3. Go into closet.

4. Close closet doors.

5. Sit there, and wait wait wait until the PC version comes out.

6. Buy the game and play til' I go blind ;)

Love - Misc B)

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