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My Birthday Today!


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Well, It's my birthday today, and well, I feel rather happy today since it is my birthday, usually Sunday's aren't my good day. But I believe I'm going to have a good year and might be able to pass my GCSE Maths Mocks.

... But I don't even know what I got for my presents though, all I got was a birthday card with £30 in it. Well, I can't say thats enough but I guess I'll be getting more surprises.

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Cupboards? I'd imagine things to be hidden where they really are inaccessible. Like in some locked closet.

Anyway, happy Birthday TM. Have a good one ;)

Ow, and just one more year until you can get drunk and now you're aloud to do more work (at least here at the age of 15 you can can't more work.).

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