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Premiership title?


Premiership title?  

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  1. 1. Premiership

    • Manchester United
    • Cheslea
    • Arsenal
    • Liverpool
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • Other (please state)

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I can't see Arsenal coming back to the top any time soon, not after selling Henry and so cheaply.

Chelsea could do with perhaps 1 more player but again they are looking very strong indeed.

Manchester United have made a couple of great signings, if Tevez finally goes plus they have Owen.

Liverpool, not sure, they have Torres but that's about it.

Can't see them any higher than 3rd and Tottenham will be battling with Arsenal I guess.

Chealsea ftw though.

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Liverpool have got Babel now so they are strong but I do think Arsenal will still finish in the top 4 but not win the title, it depends if Liverpool make another good signing they could be title contenders. I though you were American Airashii? They show the premiership there?

Nah, I live in Manchester, not that far away from Trafford...

Not a Man U fan at all though :P

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I think it will be as close as last season, and it will be between Chelsea and Man U again. Liverpool have signed some great players, but they need to get rid of the dead wood and get at least 5 more world class players in, along the lines of Torres. Arsenal have signed some obscure players and I don't hold much hope for them, but anything can happen so I'm not writing them off already. Chelsea have made some odd signings, I personally wouldn't have bought Ben Haim or Sidwell, and they won't get a team place either, but the core of their squad is incredibly strong, and Man U have made quality signings, the best of the summer so far - Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves and Tevez, when all the paperwork is cleared. So IMO it will be between Chelsea and Manchester United.

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Liverpool are still not worthy contenders imo, they seem to buy the likes of Benayoun, who is definetly not world class. They play Gerrard on the right where he gets wasted and rely on him to alwyas deliver. I think they need top strengthen in left back, right back, centre back, left wing,right wing and need to get some good squad players.

Arsenal are more worthy title contenders than Liverpool since they have world class players though still they lack experience and the losses of Cambell, Viera, Cole and Pires has hit them hard. But its time for the likes of Rosicky and Hleb and V.Persie to step to the plate.

Chelsea have a very good squad but have made signings which won't do them any favours. It seems in my opinion that Sidwell is going to be like Scott Parker and Ben Haim will never get a game and to be hones they probably came to Chelsea for the money.

Man Utd may have made some quality signings but they will need some time to gel and this could be a hinderence to them but they still have there key players till with them ie Neville, Scholes and Giggs and with the emergence of Ronaldo and the amount of firepower they have in midfield and Forwards it does make me wonder whether they will suffer in defence as Heinze seems to be leaving and there wont be much cover for left back and also the right back area.

So all the top 4 have a lot of pros and cons.

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For Man U, I think they have enough depth for a decent season:

GK Van Der Sar

GK Kuszczak

GK Foster

RB Gary Neville

RB Wes Brown

RB John O'Shea

LB Gabriel Heinze (could be on his way out)

LB Patrice Evra

CB Rio Ferdinand

CB Nemanja Vidic

CB Mikael Silvestre

CM Paul Scholes

CM Darren Fletcher

CM Michael Carrick

CM Owen Hargreaves

AM/WF Anderson

WF Ji-Sung Park

WF Ryan Giggs

WF Cristiano Ronaldo

WF Nani

CF Wayne Rooney

CF Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

CF Louis Saha

CF Alan Smith (could be on his way out)

There are a few areas they need to improve though - they need another left back, maybe one centre-back and another winger. Tevez should be arriving in the next week or so, if the Premier League let him. There are a few players that I've bought on Pro Evo 6 for Man U in the Master League that I think could be good targets:

Joaquin - Real Betis (upwards of £20 Million)

Wilhelmsson - A.S Roma (upwards of £6 Million)

Mancini - A.S Roma (upwards of £6 Million)

Messi - Barcelona (upwards of £20 Million)

I think Wilhelmsson could be a good buy, Joaquin and Messi are maybe unrealistic targets and I'm not sure about Mancini. I would have mentioned Ryan Babel as well, but the bastards Liverpool have bought him.

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Just to let you know Pro Evo is not like real football. The prices are all wrong on pro Evo as well. And we will never get Messi plus he will never adapt to the premiership. Wilhelmson plays in the second division of France and Mancini has played crap in the CL and Serie A, he is ovverated though I still think man utd are strong they need a right back to cover for G Neville.

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