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Just remember a movie were 2 guys were walking thru' an ancient roman way, and one was talking about mastirbation and said something like "How can people dislike to talk so little about something so pleasuring?" and then he said "Im sure the Romans had public masturbation rooms...like 'Masturbarium' where you could masturbate while you talk to others", this topic reminds me a lil' about that :P

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this is kinda gay but ... 2 handed 1+

That's not gay, that's just weird :/

Oh and +1 :P

no i meant this topic is kinda gay,

i mean its just a load a wanker's wanking :/

Nah, this topic is the shit man. So far TGTAP has cummed 39 times. :)

(I guess you have to be a little mature to understand that this topic is just plain awesome.)

im sorry but i just dont like the idea of a bunch o' people

masturbating on an internet forum topic. has anybody even heard them stories about them

sicko's who just go around the internet doing you know what?

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