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The Official TGTAP.com Masturbation Counter


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Lets see how often everyone in here faps! You do it, just make a post saying "+1". No need for how you did it, or with what ;). Just a number! ;)I have a feeling this topic could grow to be the biggest topic in TGTAP history....

@Chris: This should be a sticky.

Me too man, Me too! :lol:

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Oh Lord. This must be one of the most bizarre, strangest topics on all of TGTAP, ever, tbh.

@Chris: This should be a sticky.

No it shouldn't. But lol @ the innuendo.

people will just spam it up.
People might SPAM this up.

Lol you're both implying everyone on TGTAP faps so much that they'll end up spamming this topic with so many posts! :P

Well, I honestly do not know if people here will actually participate, at least seriously though. I'm not all that interested in how often others fap. Moving to fun and games anyway because no doubt it will be spammed... *sigh*

Someone also needs to make some intelligent/mature/useful topics to counter-act these sort of ones too you know ;)

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