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surely if it's just GTAIII again, that'll be a disapointment. no bikes, no planes, no helicopters, no swimming - i'm hopnig for a new game set in liberty city, but with the play elements from gta:sa

i just really hope it's set in kinda now-ish time - i'm dreading if there's ever a GTA set in the 70s - bloody hippies! i hate just about everything 60s and 70s

anyway - couple of things:

play.com have it listed for release in september!! gonna be a while before we see any screenshots i think

the part of Rockstar making the PSP gta is Rockstar Leeds - they are formed from a mobile games company that take two bought recently - they previously made the GBA version of Max Payne.

has anyone played this? was it any good? did it have the same kinda feel as the ps2 version of it? (obviously not quite the same, being smaller screen and all, but did it capture the things that are cool about Max Payne, the bullet time and the cool film noir kinda atmosphere)??

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Good idea, too bad I cant do that in Mexico, I can hope and save the money, but as I said, I have another uses for it, and I already have the money save for SA PC, a friend is going to the USA arounf june 15th, so that will be the time I will get it.

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Recently my Dad went to Las Vegas for a business trip, and got to play an imported PSP. He played "Ridge Racers." He told me it was the clearest handheld he'd ever seen and the graphics were identical to PS2's. He also said there were many cool songs playing through the PSP in Full Stereo Sound! He told me the game was easy to control and easily the coolest handheld he ever saw."

In a related matter, GameSpy had a poll that asked "Do you prefer Bigger Screen or Portability in a handheld?" Bigger Screen obviously won, and they said even the PSP fit in an editor's jean pocket, and he could sit down with it in there.

They also posted this funny image:

(Copyright ©2005 GameSpy-IGN, Inc.)

"Hey guys, check out my new handheld!


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