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gta vcs sucks


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whoa, you don't think it through huh? this is a place full of GTA fans, of course no one will agree with you, besides, VCS is not that sucks, you just never play it till the end right? don't judge until you try it, and try it till the end

and if you played it on PS2, no wonder it sucks, they didn't put anything more than improved graphics and more easter eggs

play that s**t again dude, and if you can't enjoy it it's up to you, don't got us into it and make us say it sucks

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Agreed with Woozie, but I was thinking will it work for my PC, since I've heard that PS2 games can be made just by some coding and all or some application, Can anyone help me on installing/playing it on PC?

EDIT : *Happy on a milestone-400*

*jumps out of his chair to get back on it again*

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I'd love to get ahold of MAIN.SCR for VCS & pull some of the code out for script mods I want to do in other GTAs.

As for playing PS2 games on the PC, that's kind of a gray area from a copyright standpoint. The software you need could be

considered warez (see FORUM RULES), just a headsup.

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Script mods are common for the PC GTAs, I'd like to add some of the VCS features to SA & VC.

The script is the instructions to how the game is played, defining missions, placing vehicles & weapons, sets rewards,etc.

In SA, I've placed weapons & vehicles, changed CJ's starting money & a few little tweaks. They could also be used to edit

or even create missions.

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vice city stories suck??? hello , i just play that games few months ago and i kept playing that game a lot of times and yet i don't get bored with it. and vic vance does not suck okay , he is a nice guy for all i know.(his own style ,that is)and also vice city stories is a prequel to gta vic city to show us the stories years earlier about vic vance

before he was killed by diaz's man.


Use spoiler tags next time, you seriously spoiled the game for me. Thanks. -Sky

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Vice City didn't seem the same from the good old Vice City from the first game in the city.

Oh, thats another good reason.

it's from your opinion, i think what's different is the story, that made vcs different from the old vc, but hey, i never hate the story dude, and from my opinion, i think Vic Vance is the smartest character in all GTA, he has tactics, he didn't just shoot around getting all what he wants(like lance) and he has good business view

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Vice City Stories was Quite a Good Game and You Posted this Topic in The Wrong Section. You Should have posted it in Warzone.

VCS does not Suck

Um, no? This isn't an attack on anyone, it's a discussion about a game.

Like a family dinner where gta vcs gets to eat less.

There is a mod where you can change the scripts, for example: they are saying how are you?, and then you change the script and in the subtitles it appears what you want

I think he was talking about the scripting of the gameplay, not the subtitle scripts.

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