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Chris Crocker

Angry Gorilla

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Every YouTuber will know who Chris Crocker is.

He's an obnoxious cross-dressing Britney Spears fanboy, famous for his 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE' video and his shitty attitude, even going as far as to posting a video called 'Eat My Cornhole', at the time of posting he currently has over 47796 subscribers and over 3,140,679 channel views.

He has been poked fun at by FOX news and also by other people, such as Seth Green and Perez Hilton, and many YouTubers has posted comments on how much they hate him, and there's even a YouTube account made dedicated to Chris Crocker haters, where they can post comments on how much they hate him.



Chris Crocker's channel

Sorry if I accidentally spammed.

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Yeah he basically got most of his fans before this video, his vids mainly consist of advices and conclusions about life, and random crazy shit. Some of them even makes sense. But vids like ''brotherly love'' makes me sick and vids like ''snap and pose'' makes me laugh. He writes in his profile that he's here to entertain, which he does, so i cant really say how much he acts in all those vids. To conclude - bright personality which obviously attracts ''grey'' people (fans), obviously needs mental therapy.

Edit: Obviously his daddy aint at home, cause otherwise he would beat the shit out of him, at least i would.

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Can't find it in his Videos, he must have deleted it (thankfully) but the fact he had sex with a sibling (who is probably severely traumatised) is truly barbaric and disgusting, to me its worse than Pedophilla or even Corpophilla (When someone has a fetish for eating poo)

Anyways here is the 'Eat My Cornhole' video

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Guys a fucking tosser, and I hate him. No words can express the disgust I have for that waste of flesh. He's putting on an act in each of his videos, and he's loving it at the moment because of the huge amount of attention he's receiving. He looks like a fucking freak as well, I can't stand people who dress up like him.

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