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animal abuse


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I am. It really is forbidden. You'll get a huge fine and the dog will of course be taken away. If it's an agressive dog and has attempted to or has attacked someone they mostly get killed.

i think its a stupid law too, its only a small minority of arrogant dickheads that train pitbulls for fighting. there are loads of pitbulls that arnt vicious. a friend of mine used to have a pitbull and it was one of the friendliest and gentle dogs i have ever known. if you treat a pitbull right and show it respect, they are fine

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mmm... i couldn't be bothered to post a reply to this until i ate a piece of chicken... i havn't eaten propper food in ages. anyway heres how to stop animal abuse...

1. Go On TV

2. Get An Animal

3. Buy a Gun

4. Hold The Gun To The Animals Head

5. Say: "I will kill this poor, cute, defenseless animal unless everyone stops abusing them!!!!

Perfect if i say so myself. gee im hungry im gonna go eat as many animals as possible. (unless someone goes on tv and threatens me with an animal) :D:lol::P

On A Serious Note... We Were Born With The Abillity And Aspirations To Eat Animals For A Good Reason. We Need A BALENCED Diet. A Dog-Eat-Dog World. Survival Of The Fittest. We NEED Meat To Survive.

I Agree That We Shouldn't Kill Animals For No Reason. But Eating Them Is Part Of Life.

Anyway. We DO Feed Animals, Give Them Shelter, Shave Their Wool, cuddle them, walk them, clean their sh**, put up with their annoying animal sounds and even protect them from fleas. the human race is kind.

CATS ARE EVIL!!! They kill frogs, mice, birds, moles, shrews, fish and all other small animals, and dont really eat some of them. But they're considered 'cute'.

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You can't end animal abuse, sadly. This world is too far up on thinking that animals mean nothing.

It's a sad case because animals are way better than people. Animals don't discriminate like people do. They don't do anything to harm each other or anyone else, unless necessary. They do what they need to in order to survive, unlike people who go around killing people and such for no reason at all.

It's so easy to just put an animal to sleep just because they attacked someone but when a person kills another person, you'll see them back out on the streets in a matter of time. You get child molesters as neighbours..... People get out of jail for "good behaviour" but hell, if I knew good behaviour would score me a ticket out of jail, I'd do it too.

Eating them, well, it can't really be helped. We need nutrition from their meat to live.

Animals were here on this earth before humans were and we should be respecting them but people are too selfish to do so.

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Count this as one more vote FOR Pitt Bulls. Raised right they're about the best dogs you can have, ESPECIALLY w/ kids.

Pitts get a lousy rep because inbred jackasses use them for dogfighting & make them mean. Vick (football player just busted

for running dogfights) should be thrown naked into a pit w/ a dozen or so starving fight dogs, PUBLICLY!

Special tax on dogs? Other than a license (in city limits) dogs in the US don't require any special taxes. What crackhead came

up w/ that idea?

Its the same for rottweilers, people saying you should have a license for these dogs and they should be muzzled at all times. These people have no idea, I have a rottie and he constantly tries to sit on my lap and wants constant cuddles, is that a dangeous dog? No, they are only dangerous when they are treated as guard dogs, nothing else.

Animal cruelty should be stopped, sadly it never be. Animals should be respected and treated with kindness. Druge testing should be banned on animals and should only be done on humans.

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I don't know why you people have this impression that animals are perfect creatures that only attack out of necessity.

That's not true. Plenty of animals kill for sport. Have you ever seen a cat fuck around with a lizard to the point of death? Never heard a story about some kid walking down the street and getting attacked by a dog?

Animals are just as ruthless as we are, they just lack the feeling of conscience that we as humans are used to. Above all though, they lack a driving force of individuality, which is evident only among higher intelligence forms.

In fact, I just recently read a book called The Lucifer Principle which details the accounts of a certain species of gorillas who engage in absolute brutal fights among their rival groups. And when I say brutal, I mean deathly brutal. Bones protruding from the body, pools of blood, heads smashed against rocks, etc.

And to top it off, once the dominating group has emerged victorious, they subdue the women of the rival tribe and actually kill the children. They will literally bash the babies skulls into rocks, and in some cases they'll even eat them. They do this because those infants and children are living remnants of the rival group's leader, and the only way to ensure their dominance is to put an end to that bloodline.

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If i hear of someone getting bitten or attacked by a dog i would not blame the dog at all, i would blame the owners of the dog because a mean dog is because of a mean owner.

My dads friend has a dog named Mel (yes thats why my username is MeL) hes a very nice dog and I watch him alot. One day my dads friend saw him in front of his yard and went over and he had no collar or anything so he took him in and got shots and took him as a pet. We noticed he had some teeth missing and when a thunderstorm or fireworks went off he would book it outa there so we figured he was abused and ran away (if only i knew who did it). Me and Mel where in the backyard once and i took out my golf clubs to hit a few shots and when i even walked near him with them he got really scared and i felt bad and put them away. My guess was that the original owner tryed to make Mel a fighting dog because Mel is a pitbull but it didnt work out so they let him loose of he ran off. These kinda things just make me mad.

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They should make you mad.

It's not uncommon for dogs to fear thunder or loud noises & not necessarily abuse, they just aren't used to it. At one point

we were taking care of an English Sheep Dog who freaked out in thunderstorms. He never got completely over it, but did

get better.

I've heard of the bit w/ animals taking over rival groups, in this case big cats. It's more of an instinct to kill the offspring

of rival males as opposed to "sport". Mating season just makes them more aggressive.

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Okay, and humans don't engage in war for "sport" either.

And MeL, the first thought that entered your mind when you noticed the dog was frightened of golf clubs was that he was trained to be a "fighting dog"?

The last dog I had was frightened of vacuums and flashlights. Please enlighten me with your expert analysis.

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Okay, and humans don't engage in war for "sport" either.

And MeL, the first thought that entered your mind when you noticed the dog was frightened of golf clubs was that he was trained to be a "fighting dog"?

The last dog I had was frightened of vacuums and flashlights. Please enlighten me with your expert analysis.

Those two things are quite common, but theyre not usually caused by abuse. Many dogs are scared of the noise that vacuums make, its just one of those things. And ive also known a few dogs that were scared of bright lights, i think its a mental disorder they are born with.

As for the fear of golf clubs, i agree with Spaz, thats a classic sign of abuse. A friend of mine got a rescue dog that would cower and hide if you so much as raised your hand (obviously the previous owner had been smacking him around). The only thing you can really do about it, is be calm and gentle with the dog and build up a level of trust so he knows your not gonna hurt him.

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