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First 2 stunts were lacklustre, the grind after needed to be sped up, otherwise people will end up just wanting it to be over and done with.

Number 7 was good, IMO, looks better since you cleared the first part of roof... ;)

On the 2nd grind, there was screwy random shot. (x2)

eh... cba to watch the last 45 secs.

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ok, thanks Llama, but, one prob, I have SA V.2 - it can't be modded. aka: No trainers. :(

There is a downgrader in someone's sig here, I could be wrong, if I am then you should google it.

But beware that V2 saves won't work on the newly downgraded game, it will downgrade the exe. file only, so you should copy 'n' paste you original exe. file somewhere where you will find it before downgrading.

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Nice vid will!

(out of topic)

I just wonder....no offense will....but why do you have so many comments on your vid and I only have like...5 or sumthing...I meen...how do you do it? do you tell them before?have you hacked them(ofc not ;P) but I just wonder.

You have a future in stunting believe me.

please someone check out CaBaDaBooM stunts in this forum. :)

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