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UK Release Date?


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A website called MCV says that GTA IV will be released on April 25th in the UK, missing the Easter release period. Sources close to Take 2 have told MCV this information. All of this would make sense if you look at Rockstars latest press release. As we have known, Rockstar says that GTA IV will be released in Q2 of 2008. April 25th is in this period, so it is possible.

There is no fact that this will be the actual release date, so don't get your hopes up too much.

Source: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/29185/April-25th...ease-for-GTA-IV

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april 25th? ... 5 days from the end of the fiscal 2nd quarter.. nah dont think so. rockstar and take two wouldnt miss the easter release rush to get it. in my opinion it'll be in march 10-20th.

i'd like it to be feb 18th cause thats my birthday but you cant have everything can you ;). but nah i dont think it'll be april 25th. its a good speculation in that it can only be before that date! i'm pretty sure amazon and places like that had april 25th as their release date. but in that conference call.. they'd let people know once they knew. so i doubt they found out ,to the date, that it would be releasd the day after the call. i think if it was.. it would be an official rockstar/take 2 comment. not some second party who has " sources" in take 2 .

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if it is true (which i doubt) they need to pull there fingers out there arses and get this game completed for release cos the end of april is fuckin ages away and i am losing interest wid this game now lol.

yeah totally, i feel the same to be honest.

july, august, september... i was soo hyped for this game. i was on this website every couple hours looking for updates, i watched the first and second trailer soo many times.. then onces i heared about the delay.. i just kinda lost interest. i wasnt really blown away by the second trailer, there was no news for about 2 months or something.. then all of a sudden masses of news, and pictures ( many of which seemed to have clitches in them! ) .

i know this game is gonna kick ass, but a 6 months delay.. 2 months closer to the release start of the fiscal 2nd quarter and stil no release date.

my attitude now is if the game arrives i'll be like.. "okay cool ". theres been so much hype about it, and so many issues with the game that i'll probably even more critical than i should be about the graphics and stuff. because to be honest in the inside of buiildings.. to me it just looks the same as san andreas and stuff .. with a lil bit more detail but the walls, the colour, the atmospher. .hasnt changed. meh i dont know i'll stop complaining.

but like warner said, they better get a move on cause people like me and warner lost interest a while back

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i emailed rockstar about the date and this is what they said.


GTA IV is being released March 2008

Kind Regards


2K Games Technical Support

I call bullshit.

They wouldn't leave it out of their fiscal report, and then disclose it in an email to some random person. Plus, that email you claim to be contacting Take2 looks as far from legitimate as they come.

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