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Hottest Member 2007 - Picture Submission

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If you want to get yourself in the voting for the forums hottest member, you first need to post some pictures for us. Now, last year, we didn't have enough active women here to have 2 awards, so it was just for male members only. Hopefully this year it will be different :)

If you are female though, we're adding a new rule so others aren't put off. Please only submit pictures of yourself clothed. Just nothing too revealing really, bikinis, hotpants, miniskirts or your underwear for example is most likely to gain you an unfair amount of votes from all the pre-pubescent boys here at the forums, so don't post those sort of pics.

If you want to submit those sort of pics, or even nudes, then PM them separately to Chris who will be happy to accept them

I don't think many of the guys here will be submitting topless pics, but since we don't have a large proportion of ladies/gay men I don't think this would be a problem anyway.

Now if you don't have any new pics to post and need some already here, then feel free to grab them from post your pics topic or indeed from last year's submission thread.

You MUST post the pics here to be entered for voting.

You may post a maximum of 3 pictures of yourself

No nudity

Other stuff I mentioned above

Please keep discussion to a minimum, this is just for submitting your piccies.

And yes ladies I will indeed be entering my sexy self, I just don't have a pic to hand right now ;)

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Not sure how much my temporary 56k is going to like this topic, but I'll give it a shot. Attempting to pick some good photos now... and failing...

This reminds me of a few of Spaz' pictures:


Spiffing: (no I don't smoke)


Three Musketeers: (me on the right)


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GEEZ! In the 2006 submissions chris82 with the knife :o

Id post a picture up of me but I think that guy might come knife me :P

Anyway if it stays up here is me..

Sorry the pics abit small


I also happen to be 15 in this picture... ive got alot more hair now, and a beard and im not going out with the girl in the background anymore

Edited by JamieS

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You're Russian? OoooOooOhHHhHh I am part Ukrainian. Wait, you live in England? I am also part English.

We are one.

Sorry, I know that was spammy but I was really surprised.

Edited by YellowJacket

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Works fine for me. Use a free image hosting service for example ImageLodge.net if the forum is being a cock for you.

i did and mine got jacked... but yeah, lol nice pics there very one, chris, you really do remind me of a friend named Adam...you look EXACTLY like him..its wierd..

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