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PSM3 Features GTA IV Preview


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PSM3Logo.jpgUK magazine PSM3 is boasting a nice 13-page-long extensive preview of GTA IV in their latest issue. This is the first time (or so we know) that a magazine or website has previewed the game on PlayStation 3 hardware. The preview is said to contain four brand new screenshots, which can all be seen here (thanks to Buubar for the scans and information). Highlights of the preview:

  • The preview was done on PS3 hardware. This would, of course, make sense since the magazine is PSM3.
  • While on a motorbike, if you are to crash your helmet may fly off depending on the size of the collision.
  • The environment (buildings and such) may be damaged and destroyed depending on how much you fire at it (obviously a rocket launcher-type weapon would do more damage, etc.).
  • Niko’s cell phone is now slightly more useful: you can now use it to call the police, fire department, etc. In addition, you can also listen to any of Liberty City’s 18 radio stations with it. You should even be able to take pictures, and then upload them onto the police’s computer!
  • Liberty City’s Lincoln Tunnel goes by the name of the “Booth Tunnel”.
  • The faster you tap X, (equivalent to 'A' on the Xbox 360), the faster Niko runs. In PSM3’s demo, he didn’t seem to grow tired after sprinting, however I personally believe this would change.
  • As in previous GTA’s, the first few missions will introduce you to the many new characters, and will be filled with tutorials and what-not.
  • When hurt, health is restored by medical kits, resting, or by eating.

Stay tuned for many more previews (as the news seems to be coming like crazy these days)!

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Nice, environmental damage. It's more than MGS4 could do (currently). :) Restoring your health by resting? Hmm, reminds me of the dire 'The Getaway', where your blood-stained clothes magically clean themselves after 3 or 4 minutes of rest. Meh. It's good to hear about the phone though, especially the radio stations and the picture uploading. Not sure what that will consist of, but they'll have some good stuff planned, I'm sure.

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