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What are you looking forward to it gta 4 ?


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Why have they got a Cable car on the artwork front cover of the box They had some think like that in all the gtas but you never saw them in the game

One article has said that you can actually ride the cable car, unlike the tram which featured on the SA boxart, but could not actually be used in game (gayness).

Personaly I think their is going to be an overwhelming amount of vehicles to explore & I want to do them all. I definitely want to find out if they have improved the tanks, so that they can crush cars.

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I cant wait for the lambo replica. Looks sweet as! I also wanna drive the stallion. IMO it's the signature car for GTA and Rockstar...

That too, the Lambo looks so much sexier in high res, can't wait to throw it round some corners. Hopefully cars will drift a little more realisticly than in previous games, as part of the overall handling tune up that R* have done.

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I'll look forward to seeing it and holding the game in my hands. I probably wont want to break the precious seal for a few seconds. I'll carefully unwrap it - looking at the shiny new box. Unlike some people I'll pull out the manual, open it - smell it and embrace it! lol lol. Then I'll look at the disc, crack it in and play!!!

I cant wait to steal my first car, kill my first ped, kill my girlfriend, kill a cop, shoot the guns, see the views - EVERYTHING!!! I cant wait anymore, bloody crack dealers.

.........i'm just going to knock one out

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