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monster in iv?


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why drive a monster around the city? i never saw monster in a city, so that means there will be no monster in GTA IV (well i think there is 2-3 % possibility)

Where i live, you get a lot of people just putting massive huge shocks & tyres on jeeps and stuff, it's entirely legal.

IMO, some character will probably have something like this as one of their cars, which you can steal should you do wish. Something lie that, or a stadium event.

Oh, and lol at you guys saying '2-3%... it's either 100 or 0 by now..... lol

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Well, there won't be any "Real Monster" like in SA, but there will be pickups and hummers with loads and loads of suspension, just like the Monster, a bit smaller, but multiple different ones of them.

I saw it in the gameplay videos.


PS: I saw a gameplay video today of a big truck with lots of suspension too, so it was like a Monster.

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i dont have the game yet, but give these cheat codes a shot one of them may b a monster truck. No idea thou. i Doubt it

Spawn Annihilator

Spawn an Annihilator. 3595550100

Spawn Jetmax

Spawn a Jetmax. 9385550100

Spawn NRG-900

Spawn an NRG-900. 6255550100

Spawn Sanchez

Spawn a Sanchez. 6255550150

Spawn FBI Buffalo

Spawn an FBI Buffalo. 2275550100

Spawn Comet

Spawn a Comet. 2275550175

Spawn Turismo

Spawn a Turismo. 2275550147

Spawn Cognoscenti

Spawn a Cognoscenti. 2275550142

Spawn Super GT

Spawn a Super GT. 2275550168

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