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Lola the Prostitute

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Er, I can't believe many of you guys have tried to find her. :P

She doesn't exist guys, not in the game, not anywhere. She was just like the girl on the San Andreas box art, she couldn't be found, she never existed, and it was only for the boxart, so it could appeal for the male audience to buy the game (At least, that's what I think it was doing).

It's just a waste of time if you ask me, I've played the game, and I haven't even found her. Some say they found her, when they've really just shopped' the picture by adding something similar to her.

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Its bigfoot allover again, but shes actually in the game

i'm starting to think lola might be a victim of rockstar propaganda... she's starting to remind me of this girl:


she's not in san andreas... and no one has concrete evidence of lola yet... and thats big considering that there's about 100,000 horny guys out there looking for her...

chances are starting to get slim of her actually being in the game... and i am not about to go on a wild-goose chase when there's like i said, 100,000 other people doing the search for me...

I found her on the police website:


Her name is Lola Del Rio

shes 22, born in San Fierro but moved here

Criminal Record - 2003 Prostitution

- 2005 public lewdness

- 2007 prostitution

ppl on other forums for gta say they found her in star junction...but showed no pictures


Thanks to WarMachin from gta4.tv/forums:

And within 1 hour of realtime searching, i found her... heres a pic i took with my phone...


She was sucking on her lollipop aswell, and has the short red tied back top with short shorts...

i picked her up and she exercised her lollipop sucking skills on my private lollipop.. XD

Pic isnt very clear, my phone is 2 megapixels, but still verifiable...

Location Map of where i found her..


The time was somewhere between 1am and 4am...

Oh and one more thing, she IS picky about what kind of car you drive, so have a nice car when you pick her up... (i had a viper)

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Do you really think I'd believe that?

If you did find her, why don't you take more pictures of her? I don't believe one picture shows her existence, if you could, why don't you take a picture of the front part of her body, and not only that, the face as well. As you know, there are prostitutes out their that wear somewhat similar clothing to her, so you could of exactly taken a common prostitute you've seen in the game, and rather than take the front side of her body, you take a pic of her from the backside.

And sorry if this is causing you problems, many of us knew she wasn't going to be in game, but if you've proven her existence in the game, show us more pictures of her, or you're making it up.

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He means that if you really believe Lola exists, go to where the guy in your post said Lola would be and try it. Then take at least three pictures of possibly her front, back and head for proof.

To be honest, I don't believe she really does exist in game but it would be cool if she did exist.

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I tried because I looked at maco's post and its fake.

Well it is because you didn't say ANYWHERE in the quote above that you did/didn't take the picture.

We all assumed you did because there was no credit or anything anywhere.

YOU sir, are the retarded one.

I think we should get back on topic and start arguing mmk?

Okay, whatever.

I haven't found Lola personally, but I have looked around Star Junction and the docks but nothing.

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I never found her, i never said i found her

all i said was "Thanks to bla bla bla from bla bla bla for this:

and then you guys "assumed" i said i found it

and then you "assumed" it was all fake

and then you "assumed" i took the picture


fuck these forums are retarded

No, you are. You post a topic saying "LOLoRZ LOOK AT THIS VIDEO HAHAHAHA OH SO FUNNY" about every 5 minutes and now your having a fit because someone disagreed with you. Everyone is allowed to voice their own opinions and you can't just say that their assholes because they disagree with you. Grow some fucking balls and then come back.

Oh yeah and btw, I think that if she existed someone would have found her by now, it's been out for almost 7 months. Judging by the amount of people who own this game I doubt that only one person would of managed to get a photo of her.

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I didn't have a fit because someone was disagreeing with me, it's because people are getting pissed at me because they think that:

1. I made it all up.

2. It's fake because "I only showed one picture".

3. Saying that I gave no credit to the person that did find it.

4. Even though it says it clearly.

Lets look back at the last page shall we? I assume point 1 is referring to TM's post. He says "show us more pictures of her, OR you're making it up" he says that if you can't provide pictures then your making it up, he didn't actually say that you made it up did he? Ok maybe he made a mistake and didn't see that you had given credit to the other guy and thought that you had taken the picture. Are you going to correct him or just shout at him in caps lock with big letters? Now, lets forget this all happened ok? If you want to argue with me send me a PM because I want to try and keep these forums clean from all this crap.

Oh yeah, I also fixed your post.

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Lola the lollypop girl

Lola is a prostitute in the game. She can be found near the docks. Search the Police Database for Lola del Rio, and it will tell you her location.

...I found this in a website which has many cheats for GTA IV...and many other games...you guys should try... :thumbsup:

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Haven't seen her in the game at all. Finished the story too.

LOL, me too.

When I first got the game I thought it was supposed to be Kate McReary. LOL. :P

I must've gone through the story the wrong way, because I've never seen ANY Prostitutes in my 50+ hours of gameplay. I don't even know how to pick one up.

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I drove up West whatever street several times on different nights and couldn't find her. There are hookers there but none were Lola. But I am having trouble beliving that blurry pic. That could be the other hooker with the Brown shirt and short short aswell. If she really in the game. Hit F2 and save it in the video editor make a vid with it. or use fraps and take some pics, not with some crappy blurry pics.

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