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Whay do you think GTA IV is better on?


Whats it better on?  

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  1. 1. System

    • Playstation 3
    • X-Box 360
    • Both
    • Im a big nooby pants

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This is just going to turn into a fanboy warzone but from what I've seen I think that it's pretty much equal, PS3 has a smoother frame rate but more bugs and the 360 one is the contrary.

Also, say why you think it's better on the PS3.

I've heard the complete opposite, the sources I've seen have claimed the PS3 version is choppier. Check out this article: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=137829

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The frame rate for the PS3 version is a tiny bit better than the 360 version with slightly smoother textures, but if you have a 60GB PS3, the frame rate will be hideous unless you download the new patch out. The reason it's slightly better is because you install the game to the hard drive before playing, around 7 mins to install, so it makes the load times quicker, as well as a few other things. I have a 40GB PS3 so I've had no issues with the game, occasionally it slows down when there's a lot on screen, but that applies to the game engine for both consoles. The 360 version will obviously have the DLC over the next few months, so therefore that's the better version. I'm trying to be as impartial as possible.

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well having played both versions, in my opinion the 360 version looks a bit better. On my mates ps3 the edges of cars and buildings look a bit jagged whereas on the 360 it doesnt seem to look jagged at all.

The colours look richer on the PS3 version but thats not really important but still a plus for ps3.

The online play is better on 360 I think, probably because the 360 imo has better online play, seems to get more lag on ps3.

Overall they are damn near the same but the 360 version having the DLC seems to tip it for me, plus I own one!!!!!!

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