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Annihilator with rockets

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  • 9 months later...
one of my friends toild me that the annihlator you unlock from the flying rats has rockets isthis true.

well i think that it does buy collecting all 200 flying rats because it says so here


right down at the bottom of the page like 3 things from the bottom , and can some 1 please confirm this i realy do want it

also just like to say the lost and damned does have like a rocket thing on it the mechine gun fire little explosions lol

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OMG Game Winners.com? fail.

This is another sad rumor just like:

- Ratman

- Ghost in the sprunk factory

Except for the Niko in the Bra. Its freak'n real. See here

Anyway it would of been awesome if Rockstar added Rockets to the inhilliator. Which would of made online play more bad ass at the airport. Well you and the rest will just have to move on like the rest of the pack.

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