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derrick or Francis-spoilers

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Aside from the satisfaction of finally ridding yourself of that scumbag, fucktard, whiny bastard? I don't know, I haven't gotten that far yet.

Well put :D

I killed Francis, even if he had a feature, hes just an ass.

Also I heard one of the girlfriends has the same feature as Francis.

And yeah I killed Francis, he was a douche. Didn't bother checking for features.

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I killed Francis because like most of you said, he was a bitch and his bullcrap pissed me off... Also i enjoy knowing that he is dead while i play and yes, you do get a girlfriend who can clear your wanted level and one who can heal you.

I really didn't give a crap when i killed him. It was a lot harder choosing between Playboy and Dwayne.... I made a mistake there....

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