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Vice City Trivia

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1:Which weapon spawns at the Marina? (The one were Cortez is)

A: Knife

B: Baseball bat

C: M1911

D: Ithaca37

2: Which weapon spawns at the end of the Ocena Beach alleyway?

A: Serbu SuperShorty 9

B: Knife

C: Machete

D: Colt Phython .357

3: Where does the SPAS12 spawn?

(Any Answer)

4: What weapon does the Ammu-Nation clerk cary at the Ocean Beach store?

A: MAC-10

B: M1911

C: Colt Phython

D: Ithaca37

5: Besides the Baggage Handler, which car spawns at the Airport?

(Any Answer)

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The possible colors are White and Black, but during the mission "Martha's Mugshot" Candie's limo is a Goldish-Yellow. I couldve got it, but my freind didnt get what I was doing and he was like "Dont Shoot the driver!", wrenched the controls off me, completed the mission and Saved it!

He forgot it was an autodrive car lol.


1 What weapon spawns in the Fort Baxter army base?

A. M60

B. M773

C. Chainsaw

D. Minigun

2 Name the runway numbers at the airport

(Any answer)

3 On the PC and Xbox versions, a Grenade spawns behind the Police HQ. On PS2, what weapon spawned there?

(Any answer, BTW, I dont have PS2 GTAVC, I know stuff)

4. What weapon do the bodygaurds have at Pole Position?

1. Brass Knuckles

2. Nightstick

3. M1911

5. Where does the Sea Sparrow spawn?

(Any Answer)

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