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Worst Game of all Time?

Vercetti Thug

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Enthusia Racing. A game so bad that I blocked it from my memory until recently. Cars had horrible handling, tracks

were full of blind turns (severe time penalties for leaving pavement) & got boring fast. The 427 Cobra literally couldn't

stay on the track under acceleration. Overall it was a poor rip-off of Gran Turismo.

Put this one next to "187 Ride or Die", in the dumpster.

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The Incredible Hulk for PC that came this year, sure it's fun for 10 minutes but after that it's useless Citisens Raging Agaist Phones aka crap.

It looks like a PS1 port, it plays like one too ...

lol guy I checked reviews of Big Rigs some weeks ago, LOL is all I can say.

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