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GTA Space

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We all know that GTA isn't just about Grand Theft Auto. Its the rest of the game thats the amazing part, the fact that its got everything, not just stealing cars. Since when is The Simpsons just about the family of five? Was Return to Castle Wolfenstein just about going to a castle? no!

Why must you bump a topic so old?

And no, you're wrong. Without the ability to steal cars it is NOT GTA anymore. I don't care how much stuff is in GTA, it still isn't GTA without cars. Of course you couldn't have GTA JUST stealing cars, but you couldn't have it without stealing cars either. Thank you, I win.

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I was only commenting on that you said without GTA it wouldnt be GTA, which is a viable point, but the thing is there IS loads of other non-car stuff to do in the GTA games. Hence, i agree with the first part of your previous post, that some non-land gameplay area could be fun, when implemented properly (including sea, air, underground, and space), but only as a part of a game. GTA Underground, GTA Space or GTA Pacific would not work for me.

I replied to this month-old topic because it had an interesting point about extraterrestrial gameplay.

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