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Talk in your own language here and in the languages you know.


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i really dislike french - it's the epitome of non-phonetic languages, and trying to pronounce the words makes my head spin. i guess if you're a fluent speaker it doesnt really matter, but for the rest its quite annoying. i went to Quebec City last summer and i got so tired of all the french signs :P

I just find it a very beautiful language, most of English is made up of French words (computer, blue etc.) because of the Anglo-Norman invasion in the last millennium. I would have picked Spanish at school but something made me take French over it.

No offence but it seems a gay and too weird language. :P Portuguese is better...


Portugais est merde ! Hehe, figuratively speaking.

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Kailangan na natin matalo tong mga slavic na tao dito! haha!

kahit tatlo lang tayo, kaya natin yan!! haha!!

Filipino language is made up of many Spanish words, maybe 30%.

Hey, isn't that Serbia and Montenegero are only one?

kailangan ngunit hindi sapat ang bilang natin :(

hintayin na lang nating dumami ang mga pinoy dito.... pero mukhang matagal pa iyon

wooot!!! pasado ako sa C.A.T., sulit din sa wakas ang paggising ko tuwing sabado!!!!!!!!!! kaso mahigit kalahati ng mga ka-batch ko, alanganin...

yeah, Filipino language is heavily influenced by Spanish... I think other Philippine languages are more influenced by Spanish. And Serbia and Montenegro already separated some years ago, but our shitty journalists in our country never reported it to us.

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Chris, I don't need to figure out the language, it's Romanian.

"I want to have sex with you." Very Useful. I knew it was Romanian because it had a mixture of both Romance and Slavic.

I'm impressed if you genuinely realised that before using a translator. I was expecting only some of the members who've been here way longer than you to get it, for other reasons :P

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After i realized what were you saying.

Happy birthday Yume.

Ohh... Well, it's not that hard to learn Tagalog; there are no alphabets to remember other than the Roman glyphs...

meron ba syang friendster??? para konektado ako kahit paano... parati naman kasi akong walang load :P

sobrang kuripot at tamad ko kasi eh :P

Meron, kaya nga lang ay matagal na niyang di nabubuksan...

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just for the record... Serbian is language split in 3 different parts:

Ijekavica (Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia (croatians dont admit they actually speak serbian))

Ekavica (Serbia)

Ikavica (Used by south-western Croatians only)

1m4 54m0 j3dn4 5rb1j4!

ImA SAmO jEdnA SrbIjA!

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1m4 54m0 j3dn4 5rb1j4!

ImA SAmO jEdnA SrbIjA!

1m4 54m0 3dn4 4яM3n1jA!

lol, well thanks for making a joke out of it

But there IS only one Serbia and Armenia

But, Macedonia is split up thanks to the Treaty of Bucharest

who says im jokin' :D theres 1 serbia

lol I didn't mean that you were joking, I meant that you made a joke about a Macedonian motto lol

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