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-About Time eh?

<div align='left'>More New Stuff:??

<div align='left'>

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kurtcobainevozdv1.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">girlsigevozcopymo9.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">bumblebeeevozgs2.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">homerevozzf4.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">stigercopysx1.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">lunajt3.png</table>----------<table width="" class="user-bb-table"> [/b]gorillazevoz3qu8.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">elricfmaevoztutcopydc3.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">elricevozbm8.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">yachiruevozxv7.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">hitsugayatcrysistempcoprw0.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">ceysisevoz1ichigocopypb8.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">ceysisevozcopyxf6.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">taylorswiftevozcopyfc4.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">gow2evozgm5.png</table><table width="" class="user-bb-table">fioreswitheffectevozev4.png</table>

</div>Rest uploading, Comments?</div>

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Thats really a nice effect dude tell me how did you that ?

Its Quite simple actually, Just add noise to a layer and motion blur it, Duplicate it 3-4 time, mess around with the blending option and move it around the canvas. Theres probably a more detailed tutorials somewhere on the internet.

You've got a different style with gfx, but I mean that in a good way. A really good way.

I'm in love with the Gorillaz signature.

You're newest avatar and signature above me is great as well, my second favorite on here. The girl is beautiful and the affects are awesome.

The gorilla siggy was actually a very random one, I was just bored and started messing around in photoshop :P , Turned out pretty nice. The girl in the second rain tag is Yachiru from bleach.

More shiz... CC?

Little Big Planet


Not a siggy, but had to try this out.


Edit: I won't be using the LBP tag, So if anyone wants to use it just buzz me.

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Just an update to show what I've been upto.


The Gibson Les paul.

Still pretty basic shape, Bout 2 hours work. LOT of detailing to do, Not sure if I'll be texturing it. Comments/Crits etc..

Edit: Can one of you Mods change the Topic name to "Evo's work", Can't seem to find the edit button on the first post. Thanks

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