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2008 Forum Award Categories


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Meh, it's better with just one award for it I think. Member of the Year is fine. That's a pretty prestigious award to win. I'll definitely add that.

No need for many staff awards, we're respected enough as it is. ;)

Yeah, I just thought it might be a good idea to have a "Best quality of post" or "Most helpful member" award.

We already have them. Well, most helpful member. I suppose we could have best quality posts award too.

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He'd best leave it open though because there could be many more ideas to come over the day and maybe even the weekend. I think the number of categories goes up each year with the rapidly increasing number of active members. I think Chris should get at least three more Ideas and leave it at that.

Even though you've kinda cleared this with me earlier, you should do 2nd and 3rd place for avatars and signature, they have something to do with looks don't they :P

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I dunno maybe penguin lovers? People who think South Pole owns the North Pole? :P

Polar bears are awesome though. Best avatar is already there btw ;)

Alright, so far we're adding:

Member of the Year

Best Quality Posts (non-staff?)

Best "About Me" Page

I'll have a think about which (if any) awards to have 2nd/3rd place medals for.

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I have plenty more ideas, I will name a few and let others give you some.

"Best Musical Taste" Award (A member who loves to talk about Music)

"Most Enthusiastic Scholar" Award (A member who loves to talk about School)

"Best Gamer" Award (Other than GTA)

And yes, Remove Userbar Whore award, it is pointless and is only guaranteeing someone a useless, easy award.

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