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I was thinking about "Most Popular Member" in a way. That way anyone on the forums that is a member can be nominated and nobody can possibly be left out to be nominated. It might be a big poll and have to be done on 2 or 3 seperate steps. Until we get 3 left to battle it out. Ofcourse this isn't going to go down very well as members don't have to do a single bit of effort towards it.

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Current list of awards including suggestions I liked

GTA (8)

Most Knowledgeable (GTA3):

Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC):

Most Knowledgeable (GTASA):

Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS):

Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS):

Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV):

Best Stunter (San Andreas):

Best Stunter (Vice City):

Member (11)

Most Respected Member:

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Prestige (3)

Member of the Year:

Hottest Male:

Hottest Female:

Lolz (fun stuff) (2)

Person Least Like to Get Laid:

Best Breasts:

Total: 33

Some of your suggestions I added but they replaced another award, e.g. I renamed Most Unique Member to Best Personality (thanks Connor) as I think it sounds better and is fairly similar anyway.

I renamed Largest Breasts to Best Breasts since it's less factual and more opinion, thus more competition among the ladies AND men. Yes, we're not sexist ;)

Anything else for removal or addition from that list? I'll leave this open for another day.

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