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Post your mugshots v3!


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Lol 17? Wht re yoy doin on this forum you pedo...

FYI, I could bone a 16 year old girl and it'd be perfectly legal :D 15 years old then yeah, pedo haha

I look under 17? WTF? I'm 23... lol...

Well I was talking about everyone but you, really.. Ur 23? i thought u was much older ..J/K

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Am I the only person here above the age of 17? lol!

I'll be above the age of 45, and I catch a lot of guff over it, but I grew up in the Golden Age of Coin Op. If you've a problem with that, I will call out whether you're mature enough to handle M rated GTA gaming! hahaha

I'll get new pics up, sure!

BB code for IMG work? I'm not logged into my account, but this is the lastest web-cam shot I uploaded.

The main intent is to show off Sony's DCR-TRV340 Handycam, it's digital D8 nature allows it to pass an analog signal over Firewire to a PC, LIVE! That means it can record to a Hi8 or normal 8mm or to PC directly, and it works just like a portable Hi Fi stereo VCR! Gotta love old 2000 tech


Size was not altered, sorry if it's TOO scary being too large. I do have to shave every three days it seems

Click to Enlarge per the forum formatting. We had a female member on our forum, but she moved on, got bored of us I guess!?? haha

Anyway, No GQ material here, that's fo sho...

Red Dead Red is in my humble opinion (IMHO) the greatest video game ever made....so far. GTA V is waiting in the wings!)


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Yeah, my ex makes frequent stabs at my unibrow, and use to shave/pluck it when it bothered her. I shall tell her she's not alone in her opinion of my eyebrows.

Okay, I've got some more pictures I guess.

My niece and I at iHop, don't remember the occasion.


This one is of myself and one Mr. GEORGE MOTHER FUCKING WATSKY at his third show of his tour, Jacksonville FL.


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Depends on the lighting I'd say, Glad you took that in stride

Anyone here have a guitar collection...?

My other guitars got pawned over the recession or beforehand, but I think I'm done pawning ANYTHING I can't leave there, it's just too painful to lose them for some small borrowed cash amount



Can tell I'm a long long time proponent of BCR guitars, hence my sig stat edits

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Got a funny local store pic to append. Chris should add post Posted Editing of previous topics, seems lacking and found on most other sites if you've logged in your status

Doesn't seem to upload local JPegs anymore, hmmmmmm

Oh well, oldie but TRUTH

The men in the photograph helped craft The original ROOT OF ALL EVIL radio show in the Twin Cities, USA, it continues in memory of the late Earl J. Root



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Ah... Thanks for the positive post feedback, Though we should breathe some life into the non-GTA related topics every week or two... So, Ima update with this ancient slide from 35mm shot... It is circa 1987-88 me, myself, and I

Glorious outta focus 'an all


The guitar is my first EVER electric, Ibanez Roadstar, and believe you me, this was bought before Steve Vai got his grubby hands on Ibanez and they were then World Famous, I bought it in circa 1984!!

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I was gonna post yesterday, but I was about to fall asleep, so I waited xP

I love the guitar man, I've played on Ibanez myself once or twice and they're just awesome.

Do you still have that guitar?

I own now my mothers old Yamaha nylon-string... Not anything flashy, but it's family history, IMO. As far as I know, my even my dad played on it once or twice.

My first electric though was a Gibson Les Paul BFG that my brother gave me.

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My Ibanez Roadstar II did not serve me well, when I was selling my first amp there, as well, the guy at the music shop was playing jazz licks on it, and that worked.... Yamaha amp BTW... I could not get the fast EVH style I longed for on that guitar, my second guitar turned out to be stolen, an upgrade Roadstar with dual humbuckers, got pics of that one as well....but I was able to trade it back to the store and the original owner and take home the red 1987 Rich Bich you see on the previous page. Sadly, it was pawned last, and I ran out of time and money to get it back, it's another major regret in my life. It had been signed by Dave Mustaine AND Michael Schenker, so in my mind, worth a fortune!! The headstock had broken off twice since I didn't know about locking neck straps for ages....again, very very sad!

Picture in Black and white because the guitar was black, as was the amp, only thing missing is the red YAMAHA logo! haha



The Rich Bich was authenticated to being made, actually handbuilt at the BCR factory in June 1987, so despite it's lackluster appearance, it is part of the original factory history, Bernie Rico Sr. passed away in December 1999

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