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*ruin my wish*


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Directions: You post a wish about something you want/desire. The next person ruins your wish.


I won a million dollars.

You won it through a law suit because you got hit by a drunk driver and lost both lower limbs.

Then you make a wish for somebody else to ruin.

Get the idea? OK, let's get started.

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You work at a Mcdonalds, you don't have enough cash to livve in your apartment let alone for a computer or internet, you just got dumped by your GF and are now comptemplating your sexuallity, and your parents are stopping by later to find that you lied about pertty much everything. Your life sucks!

I wish I had a career in gaming.

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Interest in gaming has gone down to about nothing, making your job almost useless.

Alright people, I don't think the object of the game is to make the person's wish NOT happen. I think you let it happen, but at a cost. Like someone wishes they were rich, then a family member dies and they inheret their money. They are rich now, but a loved one died. You get the idea? I think that's better than what we have been doing.

I wish I had the PS3 before anyone else.

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